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s.E.Pkw Kfz.70 with Zwillingssockel 36, WWII German military vehicle

Model kit: #35503

Scale: 1:35 (see more)

310x234x42 myg


72205 310x234x60 1
Ki-21-Ia ‘Sally’, Japanese Heavy Bomber

Model kit: #72205

Scale: 1/72 (see more)


ATGM ‘Stugna-P’ with Ukrainian crew

Model kit: #35750

Scale: 1/35 (see more)


US Helicopter Pilots (Vietnam War)

Model kit: #48299

Scale: 1/48 (see more)



I-16 type 10 with Chinese pilots

Model kit: #32008

Scale: 1/32 (see more)



American Expeditionary Forces in Europe, 1918

Model kit: #DS3518

Scale: 1/35 (see more)


Acrylic paint set for WWI US infantry

Item: #3024  (see more)

lystovka 3024



lystovka 3025 3
Acrylic paint set for AFU pixel camouflage uniform
Item: #3025  (see more)



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