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  • 61 NEW ITEMS
  • 1/48 scale helicopters
  • Special Series 'BRAVE UKRAINE'
  • 19 items with 100% new molds
  • items with new parts
  • 24 new acrylic paint sets


Item: 35016Scale: 1/35

'Kozak-2' State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Item: 35019Scale: 1/35

ZiL-131 of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with driver

Item: 72817Scale: 1/72


100% new molds
Item: 35755Scale: 1/35

“War has no gender” Servicewomen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Item: 35018

'Danger! Mines!' Ukraine, summer 2022

100% new molds
Item: 35756Scale: 1/35

Tank Crew of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Item: DS3521Scale: 1/35

Before the assault

100% new molds
Item: 35749Scale: 1/35

Infantry weapons and chevrons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Aircraft 1/72

Item: 72290Scale: 1/72

Fw 189C/V-6

Aircraft 1/48

100% new molds
Item: 48320Scale: 1/48

B-26B Marauder, WWII American Bomber

Item: 48228Scale: 1/48

Ju 88P-1 “Tank Buster”

100% new molds
Item: 48408Scale: 1/48

WWII German Aircraft Armament (100% new molds)

100% new molds
Item: 48410Scale: 1/48

M8A1 US Landing Mat

Item: 48314Scale: 1/48

Bristol Beaufort Mk.I. Bombing raid

Item: 48399Scale: 1/48

US Aerial Target Drons

100% new molds
Item: 48409Scale: 1/48

LW Airfield Equipment

Item: 48094Scale: 1/48

I-153 with Luftwaffe Pilots and Ground Personnel

Item: 48322Scale: 1/48

B-26B Marauder with USAAF Pilots and Ground Personnel

Item: 48321Scale: 1/48

B-26B Marauder 'Flak Bait'

Item: 48197Scale: 1/48

Ki-21-Ib 'Sally'

100% new molds
Item: 48360Scale: 1/48

MH-60L Black Hawk

Item: 48361Scale: 1/48

UH-60A Black Hawk

1/48 figures

100% new molds
Item: 48053Scale: 1/48

Japanese pilots and Ground Personnel WWII

1/32 aircraft & figures

100% new molds
Item: 32014Scale: 1/32

Hs 123A-1, WWII German attack aircraft

Item: 32045Scale: 1/32

Gloster Sea Gladiator Mk.II With Royal Navy pilots


1/35 helicopters & figures

100% new molds
Item: 53200Scale: 1/35

M8A1 US Landing Mat (210×336 mm)

Item: 53056Scale: 1/35

Phu Bai Combat Base 1968

Item: 53057

CH-54A Tarhe with Universal Military Pod

1/35 vehicles

100% new molds
Item: 35425Scale: 1/35

'Burma Jeep', WWII US Military Vehicle

100% new molds
Item: 35426Scale: 1/35

'Burma Jeep', Mark I Model 1

Item: 35656Scale: 1/35

FWD Type B WWI US Ammunition Truck

Item: 35586Scale: 1/35

WWII British Army Mobile Chapel

Item: 35105Scale: 1/35

‘Beobachtungspanzerwagen’ Sd.Kfz.251/18 Ausf.A WWII German Observation Vehicle with crew

100% new molds
Item: 35616Scale: 1/35

"You are important to God"

Item: 35360Scale: 1/35

Bergepanther with Pz.Kpfw.IV Turret

Item: 35114Scale: 1/35

Krankenpanzerwagen'Sd.Kfz.251/8 Ausf.A

100% new molds
Item: 35435Scale: 1/35

Humvee M1097A2

100% new molds
Item: 35436Scale: 1/35

Humvee M1097A2 Cargo Carrier

Item: 35492Scale: 1/35

Studebaker US6-U5

Item: 35502Scale: 1/35

Kfz.70 with MG 34

100% new molds
Item: 35617Scale: 1/35

Montgomery's Staff

100% new molds
Item: 35618Scale: 1/35


100% new molds
Item: 35619Scale: 1/35

US Field Stove M1937 with cooks

Item: 35493Scale: 1/35

Studebaker US6-U3 in German Service

Item: 35587Scale: 1/35

WWII US Army Kitchen Truck

100% new molds
Item: 35717Scale: 1/35

Flak 38

Item: 35718Scale: 1/35

Flak 38 with Crew

Item: 35455Scale: 1/35

Sd.Kfz.3b with Flak 38 AA Gun

Item: 35603Scale: 1/35

Sir Bernard Montgomery's Leyland Retriever

Item: 35543Scale: 1/35

Typ 320 (W142) Cabriolet B

1/24 vehicles & figures

100% new molds
Item: 24050Scale: 1/24

Model A Standard Phaeton Soft Top (1930s), American Passenger Car

Item: 24051Scale: 1/24

Model A Standard Phaeton (1930s)

Item: 24024Scale: 1/24

Type G4 with MG 34 and German Staff Personnel


1/72 submarine

Item: S.020Scale: 1/72

K-Verbände Midget Submarines


Diorama Sets

Item: DS3522Scale: 1/35

Wehrmacht Maultiers

Item: DS3523Scale: 1/35

'Sankas' WWII Wehrmacht Ambulance Trucks

Item: DS3524

Panzerwaffe steel cats

Item: DS3525Scale: 1/35

Wehrmacht Armored Vehicles

Item: DS3520Scale: 1/35

Dardanelles Campaign 1915

Item: DS4804Scale: 1/48

Nakhon Phanom Air Base

Item: DS4805Scale: 1/48

Airfield of the Luftwaffe bomber group

Acrylic Paint Sets

Item: 3050

Acrylic paints set for WWII British Royal Navy Aviation

Item: 3051

Acrylic paints set for WWI US Vehicles

Item: 3052

Acrylic paints set for WWII Military vehicles of Britain

Item: 3053

Acrylic paints set for WWII German U-boats

Item: 3054

Acrylic paints set for WWII British infantry

Item: 3055

Acrylic paints set for Civil Aviation