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до 2017
Всі моделі 272

May 2022
B-26K Counter Invader (early)
WW2 assault engineer-sapper
Laffly V15T with Hotchkiss machine gun
Battle of France, spring 1940
March 2022
AH-1G ‘Arctic Cobra’
American Civil War Confederate Infantry
Truck box of military vehicle (KUNG)
Benz Patent-Motorwagen 1886 – EASY version
Army of Ice
February 2022
American Civil War Union Infantry. Set #2
10.5cm leFH 16(Sf) auf Geschutzwagen FCM36 (f)
Type G4 Partisanenwagen with MG 34
“Over all of Spain, the sky is clear”
January 2022
JD-1D Invader
Mistel S1
”Photo to remember”
Sd.Kfz. 247 Ausf.B with MG 34 machine gun
Battle of France, spring 1940
December 2021
B-26K with USAF Pilots & Ground Personnel
OV-10D+ Bronco
Model T 1914 Fire Truck with Crew
G7117 with WWII Soviet Drivers
November 2021
American Fire Truck Crew (1910s)
BM-13-16 on G7107 chassis with Soviet crew
Soviet Six-Wheel Army Truck with Shelter
Vietnam USAF Airfield
October 2021
AH-1G Cobra with Vietnam War US Helicopter Pilots
OV-10А Bronco
USAAF Bomber Pilots and Ground Personnel (1944-1945)
WWII Allies Pilots in the cockpit
BM-13-16 on G7107 base
September 2021
DB-26B/C with Q-2 drones
WWII British Torpedo Trailer
WWII China Guomindang AF Pilots
Leyland Retriever General Service
WWII Red Army Rocket Artillery
August 2021
US Helicopter Pilots (Vietnam War)
BQM-34А (Q-2C) Firebee
AH-1G Cobra (late production)
US Aviation Armament
Type G4 Partisanenwagen
July 2021
WWII German Torpedo Trailer
CR. 42 Falco with Italian Pilots in tropical uniform
WWII Wehrmacht le.gl.Einheitz-Pkw
June 2021
DH. 82A Tiger Moth with WWII RAF cadets
KDA-1(Q-2A) Firebee
Marder I on FCM 36 base
Model T 1914 Fire Truck
WWII British Trucks
May 2021
CR. 42CN
J-8 Gladiator
AH-1G Cobra (early production)
BQM-34A (Q-2C) Firebee with trailer
US Pilots & Ground Personnel (Vietnam War)
Chernobyl#5. Evacuation (4 adults, 1 child and luggage)
April 2021
Aircraft Models Stands
KDA-1 (Q-2A) Firebee with trailer
le.gl.Einheits-Pkw Kfz.4
WWII RAF Airfield
March 2021
CR. 42AS
O-2A (late production)
WWII Axis Pilots in the cockpit
Zwillingssockel 36
February 2021
Радянський екіпаж РСЗВ BM-13-16 Другої світової війни
Італійські пілоти в тропічній формі (1939-1943)
Model T 1917 LCP with Vickers MG
FCM 36 with French Tank Crew
Leyland Retriever General Service (early production)
WWII Luftwaffe Airfield
January 2021
MiG-25 PD
American Civil War Weapons & Equipment
Soviet Firemen (1980s)
Sd.Kfz. 247 Ausf.B with Crew
December 2020
CR. 42 Falco
Chernobyl#4. Deactivators
Decal D3206 for Fiat CR. 42 Falco in Foreign Services
November 2020
A-26В Invader Pacific War Theater
Stearman PT-13/N2S-2/5 Kaydet
CR. 42 LW with German Pilots
Gloster Gladiator Mk.I with British Pilots in Tropical Uniform
WWII British Vickers MG Crew
October 2020
Polish Regiment Representative Officer
BM-13-16 on W.O.T. 8 chassis with Soviet Crew
MiG-25 RU
September 2020
Stearman PT-17 with American Cadets
Cessna O-2A US Navy Service
Model T RNAS with WWI British Tank Crew
WWI British Vickers MG Crew
August 2020
Chernobyl#3. Rubble cleaners
Model T 1913 Speedster with American Sport Car Drivers
July 2020
Stearman PT-17/N2S-3 Kaydet
I-153 with Soviet Pilots (1939-1942)
BM-13-16 on W.O.T. 8 chassis
Battle of Kursk (July 1943)
June 2020
B-26С-50 Invader
Benz Patent-Motorwagen (1886) with Mrs. Benz & Sons
Wehrmacht 3-axle Trucks
Decal D4803 for B-26B/C Invader (Latin America Countries)
May 2020
Gloster Sea Gladiator Mk.II
Do 217J-1/2
German Luftwaffe Ground Personnel (1939-1945)
April 2020
A-26С-15 Invader
He 111H-3 Romanian AF
Chernobyl#2. Fire Fighters
Battle of Berlin (April 1945)
Decal D3205 for Gloster Gladiator Mk.I/II in Foreign Services #2
March 2020
He 111Z-1 “Zwilling”
WWII British Ground Personnel (1939-1945)
Type AG 1910
Standard B “Liberty” with WWI US Drivers
Wehrmacht 3t Trucks
February 2020
Gloster Gladiator Mk.II
British Pilots in Tropical Uniform (1939-1943)
Model T 1911 Touring with American Motorists
T-34 “Tyagach” Model 1944
Wehrmacht Radio Trucks
January 2020
Bf 109F-4 with German Ground Personnel
Chernobyl#1. Radiation Monitoring Station
WWI ANZAC Desert Patrol
December 2019
MiG-25 BM
Bücker Bü 131D with German Cadets (1939-1945)
I-16 type 10
Decal D3204 for Gloster Gladiator Mk.I in Foreign Services
November 2019
A-26B-15 Invader
British Police Female Officer
le.gl.Einheits-Pkw Kfz.2
Typ 320 (W142) Saloon with German Staff Personnel
Wehrmacht Personnel Cars
October 2019
MiG-25 BM
Type AG 1910
Gasoline Delivery, Model T 1912 Delivery Car with American Gasoline Loaders
Model W.O.T. 8
Decal D4802 for B-26B/C Invader (Korean War)
September 2019
WWII German MG08 MG Team
American Sport Car Drivers (1910s)
Sd.Kfz.251/6 Ausf.A with Crew
S.W.A.T. Team
August 2019
I-16 type 17
British Pilots (1939-1945)
WWI German MG08 Team
le.gl.Einheits-Pkw Kfz.1 Soft Top
Decal D4801 for A-26B/C Invader (WWII)
July 2019
Kadett K38 Cabriolimousine
Wehrmacht Off-road Cars
June 2019
I-16 type 10
He 111H-6 North Africa
American Gasoline Loaders (1910s)
Decal D3203 for I-16 type 10 Spanish AF (after 1939)
May 2019
ANZAC Drivers (1917-1918)
German Command Vehicle Crew (1939-1942)
Bücker Bü 131A
I-16 type 24 with Soviet Pilots (1939-1942)
Army Group “Center” (Summer 1941)
April 2019
Ju 88D-1
MiG-25 RBF
USAAF Pilots (1941-1945)
Decal D3202 for I-16 type 10 Spanish Republican AF
March 2019
U-2/Po-2VS with Soviet pilots and technicians (1943-1945)
Ki-86a/K9W1 “Cypress”
Leichttraktor Rheinmetall 1930
Afghan Motorcade (1979-1989)
February 2019
He 111H-20
IDF K-9 Unitz “OKETZ”
Panzerspähwagen P 204 (f) with CDM turret
Decal D3201 for Bücker Bü 131D Axis WWII
January 2019
C18S “Magic by Moonlight”
American Motorists (1910s)
Lastkraftwagen 3,5 t AHN with German Drivers
Pz.Kpfw. T-34-747(r)
Gallipoli (1915)
December 2018
I-153 (winter version)
MiG-25 RB
S.E.A.L. Team Fighter #2
S.E.A.L. Team Fighter #1
November 2018
Ju 88С-6b
Bücker Bü 131B
German Luftwaffe Cadets (1939-1945)
Battle of the Marne (1914)
October 2018
I-16 type 29
He 111H-16
Do 17Z-2
French Infantry on the march (1914)
Model T 1912 Commercial Roadster
September 2018
Model T 1914 Fire Truck with Crew
August 2018
German Drivers (1939-1945)
Model T 1917 Ambulance (early)
Sd.Kfz.251/6 Ausf.A
Standard B “Liberty”
July 2018
Ju 88С-6
Sd.Kfz.251/1 Ausf.A with German Infantry
June 2018
VVS RKKA Pilots (1939-1942)
MiG-25 RBF
RKKA Drivers (1943-1945)
May 2018
Soviet Drivers (1979-1991)
German Luftwaffe Pilots (1939-1945)
April 2018
Ju 88A-4
MiG-25 PD
Do 17Z-7
P 204 (f) with German Armoured Vehicle Crew
March 2018
He 111H-6
US Infantry in Gas Masks (1918)
RCMP Female Officer with dog
American Fire Truck Crew (1910s)
February 2018
Do 17Z-7
British Infantry in Gas Masks (1917)
KHD A3000
January 2018
I-16 type 28
Turkish Infantry (1915-1918)
Model T 1913 Speedster
Всі моделі
Do 215 B-5
Do 215 B-4
Ju 88A-4 Torp
Ju 88A-11
Ju 88A-14
Ju 88A-4
I-16 type 24
MiG-25 RB
MiG-25 RBT
Bf 109F-4 with German Luftwaffe Personnel
Bf 109F-2 with German Pilots and Ground Personnel
Spitfire LF.IXE with Soviet Pilots and Ground Personnel
Spitfire Mk.IX with RAF Pilots and Ground Personnel
He 111H-3
Do 17Z-2
Ju 88A-5
Soviet PAG-14 Airfield Plates (32 pieces)
Hs 126A-1 with bomb rack
Mustang P-51A
Mustang P-51K
Mustang P-51D with USAAF Pilots and Ground Personnel
Mustang P-51D-15
Mustang P-51B with USAAF Pilots and Ground Personnel
Mustang Mk.III
Mustang P-51C
Messerschmitt Bf 109F-4/R6
Messerschmitt Bf 109F-4Z/Trop
Messerschmitt Bf 109F-4/B
Messerschmitt Bf 109F-4
Messerschmitt Bf 109F-2
I-16 type 28
I-153 (winter version)
LaGG-3 series 7-11
LaGG-3 series 1-4
Spitfire Mk.XVI
Spitfire Mk.VIII
Spitfire LF.IXE
Spitfire Mk.VIII
Spitfire Mk.VII
Spitfire Mk.IX
Spitfire Mk.IXC “Beer Delivery”
Do 215B-5
Do 215B-4
Do 17Z-2
Do 17Z-10
FW 189A-1
FW 189A-2
FW 189A-1
Soviet PAG-14 Airfield Plates (32 pieces)
Soviet Air-to-Surface Aircraft Armament
Soviet Air-to-Air Aircraft Armament
Heinkel He 51A-1
Heinkel He 51B-2
Heinkel He 51B-1
Avia B-71
SB 2M-100A
SB 2M-100 “Katiushka”
Mikoyan-29 “9-13”
Messerschmitt Bf 109E-7/B
Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4
Messerschmitt Bf 109E-7/Trop
Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4
Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3
Pfalz E.IV
Fokker E.IV
I-153 (winter version)
I-153 “Chaika”
I-16 type 28
I-16 type 18
I-16 type 24
I-15 “Chato”
I-5 (early)
I-15 bis (winter version)
I-15 bis
Aircraft Models Stands
WWI Turkish Infantry Weapons & Equipment
WWI Russian Maxim MG Team
WWI Austro-Hungarian MG Team
French Infantry in Gas Masks (1916)
German Infantry in Gas Masks (1918)
WWI US Medical Personnel
US Infantry (1918)
German Sturmtruppen (1918)
French Infantry (1916)
US Infantry (1917)
WWI US Infantry Weapon and Equipment
Italian Infantry (1915)
WWI Italian Infantry Weapon and Equipment
ANZAC Infantry (1915)
British Infantry (1914)
WWI British Infantry Weapon and Equipment
French Infantry (1914)
WWI French Infantry Weapon and Equipment
German Infantry (1914)
WWI German Infantry Weapon and Equipment
WWI Russian Infantry
Soviet Maxim Machine Gun (1941)
Soviet Maxim Machine Gun (1910/30)
Austro-Hungarian Infantry (1914)
WWI Russian Infantry Weapon and Equipment
WWI Austro-Hungarian Infantry Weapon and Equipment
Soviet Tank Riders (1943-1945)
German Infantry (1939-1942)
WWII German Infantry Weapons & Equipment
Soviet Armored Carrier Riders (1979-1991)
Soviet Army Servicemen (1979-1991)
Soviet Motorized Infantry (1943-1945)
German Tank Riders (1942-1945)
WWII German Road Police
WWII German Firemen
WWII Soviet Partisans
Soviet Military Servicewomen (1939-1942)
French Armoured Vehicle Crew (1940)
German Armoured Vehicle Crew (1941-1942)
Stalin & Co
Soviet Staff Personnel (1943-1945)
WWII German Staff Personnel
Soviet Tank Crew (1979-1988)
Japan Infantry (1942-1945)
French Republican Guard Cavalry Regiment Corporal
Eritrean battalions of the Italian Сolonial Army (1939-1940)
Moroccan Goumier Rifles (1943)
Indian Sikh Rifles (1942)
Gurkha Rifles (1944)
Greek Evzones (1940-1941)
German Patrol (1939-1942)
Soviet Medical Personnel (1943-1945)
May 1945
Soviet Special Troops (1979-1988)
“Barbarossa” operation (June 22, 1944)
Soviet Tank Crew (1943-1945)
Soviet Motorized Infantry (1979-1988)
British Infantry (1917-1918)
German Assault Troops (1917-1918)
German Tank Crew (1943-1945)
US Elite Forces in Iraq
Soviet Tank Crew (1939-1942)
French Line Infantry (1870-1871)
Red Army Infantry (1939-1942)
Prussian Line Infantry (1870-1871)
Soviet Sappers (1979-1988)
Yeoman Warder “Beefeater”
French Republican Guard Officer
British Grenadier Queen’s Guards
Finnish Riflemen (Winter 1940)
American mechanics (1910s)
American Firemen (1910s)
Henry Ford & Co
WWII German Luftwaffe Pilots and Ground Personnel in Winter Uniform
German Luftwaffe Ground Personnel (1939-1945)
Soviet Air Force Pilots and Ground Personnel (1943-1945)
USAAF Pilots and Ground Personnel (1941-1945)
German Luftwaffe Pilots and Ground Personnel (1939-1945)
RAF Pilots and Ground Personnel (1939-1945)
7,62 cm Pak 36(r) with German Crew
Admiral Saloon
Admiral Cabriolet Soft Top
Typ G4 Soft Top
Typ G4 (1935 production)
Model T 1912
Model T 1914 Firetruck
Model T 1911 Touring
Model T 1913 Roadster
Model T 1917 Utility
Model T 1917 LCP
Model T 1917 Ambulance with US Medical Personnel
Model T 1917 Ambulance
Typ 320 (W142) Saloon
Typ G4 (Kfz.21)
Packard Twelve (Model 1936) with Passengers
Typ 770K Tourenwagen Soft Top
Typ 770K (W150) Tourenwagen
G4 (1939 production) with Passengers
L1500S LF 8
ZiL-131 MTO-AT
ZiL-131 Emergency Truck
ZiL-131 KShM
Moskvitch-401-420 Saloon
Kapitän 2-door Saloon
Admiral Cabriolet with Figures
Henschel 33 D1 Kfz.72
Henschel 33 D1
Krupp L3H163 Kfz.72
KHD S3000/SS M Maultier
Magirus S330
KHD S3000
Typ L3000S
Lastkraftwagen 3,5 t AHN with Shelter
Lastkraftwagen 3,5 t AHN
V3000S/SS M Maultier with Shelter
G917T (1939 production)
V3000S/SS M (Sd.Kfz.3b) Maultier
V3000S (1941 production)
Typ LG3000
Typ 2,5-32 with Shelter
Typ 2,5-32 (1,5 to)
Panzerspähwagen P 204 (f) Railway
Panzerspähwagen P 204 (f)
Panhard 178 AMD-35
T-34-76 with Soviet Tank Riders
Т-34/76 (late 1943 production)
Т-34/76 (early 1943 production)
Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.B King Tiger (late production) with full interior
Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.B King Tiger with Henschel Turret (late production)
Pz.Kpfw.V Panther Ausf.D
Bergepanther with German Tank Crew
Soviet Six-Wheel Army Truck
BM-21 “Grad”
BM-13-16 “Katiusha”
G4 (1935 production) Soft Top
G4 (1935 production)
Krupp L2H143 Kfz.69 with Pak 36
Krupp L2H143 Kfz.70
“Groβer Kurfürst”
U-Boat Type IIB (1943)
U-Boat Type IIB (1939)
U-Boat Type XXVIIB “Seehund” (late)
U-Boat Type XXVIIB “Seehund” (early)
U-Boat Type XXIII
“Großer Kurfürst”
Admiral Cabriolet